Article on Lectionary Passages

5 07 2015

Over the next four weeks, I will have four articles (about 1000 words each) related to the New Testament text-segments on the Lectionary readings for Year B at the Truett Pulpit website.  The passages are Mark 6:14-29 (July 12), Mark 6:30-34, 53-56 (July 19), John 6:1-21 (July 26), and John 6:24-35 (August 2).  These passage were interesting ones on which to work.  If you would like to read these short articles, the first two are now available, and you can follow these links to the articles.  The last two articles will be posted shortly.

Mark 6:14-29

Mark 6:30-34, 53-56



2 responses

5 07 2015
Da Rev

I am glad to read this. I was hoping to use the Lectionary for July 12th, but I did not agree with any of the passages.

7 07 2015
David May

Thanks for the note. I hope these will be helpful in your preparation.

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