Interpretation and Proclamation

Chalice Press, 2007.  This book is coauthored with Mike Graves.  The approach represents a socio-rhetorical homiletic.  We explore the “what?” and “how?” of selected Matthean text-segments.


Smyth & Helwys Publishing, 2001.  This book, a guide for Bible study teachers, provides an approach to Revelation that helps to better understand and empathize with the original audience.  It illustrates the narrative composition of the author and his literary design.  It also assists readers in being “considerate readers” when journeying into the world of Revelation.  The book also helps readers answer the “so what question” about Revelation’s message for a contemporary context.
Social-Scientific Criticism Bibliography
Mercer University Press, Macon, GA, 1991.  An early bibliography of about 1000 sources related to the methodology of Social Scientific Criticism.  While many new articles, essays, and books have appeared since publication, this work still provides foundational resources.  The first chapter provides an introduction and history of Social Scientific Criticism.

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