New Book Review Website

30 01 2013

A new website began this week called Marginalia:  A Review of Books in History, Theology & Religion.

MarginaliaI always appreciate good book reviews.  Reviews are the lifeblood for those who want to stay in touch with what is new and important in their discipline.  In this new website, I particularly like the essay on “The Art of the Book Review” and also “A New Norm for Academic Book Reviews.”  For those who are interested in the new 28th edition of the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece, a good summary review is also in this issue.

I hope this new endeavor succeeds.

Journals Galore

13 01 2013

Recently JSTOR opened up free access to readers.  What is JSTOR?


JSTOR stands for Journal Storage and is a website that contains over 8 million articles from a wide assortment of academic journals.  Many universities and colleges subscribe to this resource for their students and faculty members.  Those individuals without an institutional affiliation, however, often do not have ready access.  JSTOR is offering for anyone free (limited) access to 1200 journal titles and their articles.  The catch is you can only read (check out) three articles every two weeks, and you can only read online (no download of PDFs).  [One can purchase articles to download; however, this approach is extremely expensive.]

The 1200 journals cover the spectrum, for example, Journal of American Folklore, Avian Diseases, Crustaceana, and Crustaceana-Supplement (I assume the supplement means with salt, pepper and butter).  In the area of most interest to me, there are around 75 journals on religion.  Some of these titles include Journal of Religious Ethics, Novum Testamentum, Religion and Literature, Dead Sea Discoveries, and the Journal of Biblical Literature.  Other journals related to biblical studies around the edges, such as history and archaeology, will add another one 70 + resources.

JSTOR is a great resource, and now one has unprecedented “free” access.