Recycling the Ancient Way

30 05 2014

One of the stops today was at the archaeological park of Zippori, the ancient city of Sepphoris, which was Herod Antipas’ capital city in Galilee. One of the interesting observation is how later occupants of the city recycled stones and monuments. In archaeological terms, this is called secondary usage. Here below is an interesting example of earlier Roman sarcophagi incorporated into a fortress built during the Crusader period. I am not certain about how the original occupants of the sarcophagi would have felt.


Israel 2014

26 05 2014

Just a brief post to note that over the next few days (May 28 to June 6), I will be posting some impressions from Israel. A joint study trip between Central Seminary and Saint Paul School of Theology will be journeying with eighteen folks to Israel. I always encounter new aspects and perspectives on this land that is often called the “Fifth Gospel.” I look forward to sharing some posts.