Devil’s Bible

10 02 2015

I was unaware of this interesting 13th-century manuscript, Codex Gigas (Giant Codex), mentioned by the blog Biblo.  Several things make this manuscript interesting. It is huge.  It is the largest medieval manuscript in the world:  three-feet long and 165 pounds.  When you get thumped by this Bible, you stay thumped.  Biblio blog notes, “Researchers estimate that it would take one person five years of around the clock work to complete the Codex Gigas, meaning it’s more likely that this one scribe spent between ten to twenty-five years (or three hours a day) writing and illustrating the manuscript.”  This is incredible discipline.

Devil's Bible

This codex has also been nicknamed the “Devil’s Bible,” perhaps because it was thought that one person could not have completed such a task and supernatural powers (the Devil) must have been involved.  It probably did not help that one of the pictures included within the Bible is of the Devil.  See the photo here.

This codex is located in the National Library of Sweden has been digitalized.  It is available for viewing on the web:  Codex Gigas.




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