Maps of the Ancient World

27 01 2014

BarringtonA new resource available for the iPad is Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World, editor Richard J. A. Talbert (Princeton University Press, 2013). I have frequently used this tool in the hardcopy format, which is available at my seminary library.  Now, however, the 102-colored maps of the ancient world are available at my fingertips on the iPad.  I have always been a map person; I love tracing trips on maps and plotting particular paths of travel.  This set of maps on the ancient world is really quite amazing and comprehensive.  The hardcopy costs  $395 while the iPad edition is $19.99—a bargain.  The iPad version allows for various ways to search for particular regions and cities, and the pinch-zoom feature is great for old eyes.  It allows one to increase the size of the map in order to actually read the names of the cities.  The map is not perfect.  Because one is using it on an iPad, the size is still restrictive, unlike the large hardcopy folio.  For those who want to explore cities, roads, valleys, rivers, and mountains related to biblical areas (and beyond), this resource could be a helpful tool. For more information, click here:  Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World.