Birth of Lewis Carroll

27 01 2012

Today is the birthday of Charles Dodgson (Jan. 27, 1832) better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll.  He authored several books, many on mathematical topics as a Fellow at Christ Church, Oxford.  He is best known, however, for Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.

Dodgson has two connections of interest for theological studies.  First, as is evident from the photograph of his grave (which I snapped in 1985), he was Reverend Charles Dodgson.  Rarely do people note the fact he was ordained a deacon in the Anglican Church.  He declined, however, to be ordained a priest.  Second, the story of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland is often connected to a young girl by the name of Alice Liddell.  She and her family were good friends of Dodgson.   Her father was Henry Liddell, Dean at Christ Church.  He is best known for his work with Robert Scott on the Greek-English Lexicon.  While the focus of this lexicon is related to classical Greek, it is extremely helpful for the non-biblical background of NT words.  One can access a later edition (1940 unabridged edition)  via the Persus Project:  Liddell and Scott.




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