Latest Issue of Review & Expositor: The Economy and the Kingdom of God

3 01 2011

The latest issue of Review & Expositor, Vol. 107, No. 4, fall 2010, is now available.

The focus of the issue is “The Economy and the Kingdom of God.”  I highlight this issue because it seems particularly relevant and timely.  I should also note that I was the issue editor for this volume, so I am bias about it.   The major essays are “Amos Economics” by Robert Ellis, “Ancient Economics–Modern Interpreters:  The World of Jesus” by David May, “Pastoral Care During Economic Crisis” by Ruth Lofgren Rosell, “Left Behind:  The American Dream and the Hispanic Dilemma” by Miguel De La Torre, and “‘Jesus Was a Low Wage Work’:  Reading the Bible in the Living Wage Movement” by Tina Pippin.  An excellent expository article is by Andre Resner, “Widow’s Mite or Widow’s Plight:  On Exegetical Abuse, Textual Harassment and Learning Prophetic Exegesis.”  There is something for everyone in this particular issue.  Hope some of you might have an opportunity to check out a few of the essays.




One response

7 01 2011
Tyler Tankersley

I found the first article on the economic philosophies within Amos especially enlightening. I felt that Ellis did a very good job of bridging the gap between exegetical work on the biblical text and application to modern political, social, and theological issues.

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