7 10 2010


We have arrived.  Our first day would normally have been spent recovering from lengthy sleep deprived travel.  However, with the city of Istanbul calling, we set off for a late afternoon exploring “The Church of St. Savior in Chora.”  This church, not one of the largest, is one of the finest examples of Byzantine mosaic and frescoe work.  While the church has been located at this spot since the 4the century in was the major renovation and rebuilding in the 1300s that provided it with such a stunning interior.   The first photograph below is the exterior.  

 The second is a depiction of Jesus multiplying the loaves. 

This next photograph is one of my favorites.

The person who commissioned and paid for the mosaics (Theodore Metochites) had himself included in the depictions.  He is seen presenting this church to an enthroned Christ.  By the way, I love his beehive hat.

This church, like many others in Istanbul, has undergone transitions over the years.  It original was a church, was converted to a mosque, and finally today is a museum.




One response

7 10 2010
Sandy Dailey

Wow! No jet lag. I like the hat also. To have your picture in such a Holy place must be a honor.

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