Readability: Great Resource

28 04 2010

I am constantly surfing the net looking for resources that allow me to be productive in teaching, researching and writing.  Many of the programs I use I later realize are not as helpful as I imagined.  However, I have stumbled into one program that has quickly become a favorite.  It is called Readability.  If you are like me I often get frustrated with the collateral ads, headings, and flying banners surrounding the main information I want to read.  The collateral junk is distracting (which of course is the purpose; they want you to click).  However, Readability allows a user to get rid of all the junk around the edges of the main article/information.  All it takes is one click.  The program is the easiest I have ever put on my computer.  Below is the difference between a cluttered screen and a Readability screen.

This program is the best.  The web link is here:  Readability.




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