A Plog: Greece and Turkey Study Tour

4 03 2010

This is plug-blog today, that is, a plog.  It’s a new term (neologism) for a blog that specifically plugs or advertises.  Actually plog has several meanings according to Wikipedia, but none of these are specifically when a blog’s main point is a promotion or an announcement.  So, I will claim a new definition.

Over the last few years, several individuals have asked when Central Seminary was planning on a study tour of Greece and Turkey.  It has been several years since we sponsored one of these study trips.  The photograph below is from one of these previous trips.  You can see several participants enjoying a relaxing rest in an ancient restroom.

A Popular Social Gathering Spot in Ancient Ephesus

The good news is that Central has scheduled a study tour to Greece and Turkey for this fall on October 6-19, 2010. The fully itinerary can be accessed via this link:  Central Sem Turkey 10 bro.  Specific information about enrollment can be found at this link:  Greece and Turkey:  Central Sem Turkey 10 enr.  This study tour is open for all interested individuals.

The archaeological remains and the geographical contexts of the various cities provide very different points of reference for reading the New Testament.  Reading Revelation becomes more intimate having walked the beaches of the island of Patmos.




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