What Ereaders Cannot Capture

21 12 2009

I believe in utilizing the latest technology (a Nook ereader is on its way, and I will be blogging about its usage for pedagogy); however, how can an ereader capture the feeling evoked by the personalized inscription below.

This inscription is from W. Hersey Davis to H. E. Dana in a book, Greek Papyri of the First Century (1933), written for A. T. Robertson on the occasion of his seventieth birthday.  Here is an inked chain of Baptist tradition, and it is all contained in one slim volume.  As I hold this book in my hands, I don’t see how a Kindle, Sony or Nook can ever preserve digitally whatever it is that this book provokes in my bibliophile spirit.

Here is a great picture of A. T. Robertson.  Everyone’s office should be so tidy.




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25 02 2010
Timóteo Pontes

hey, Who was H. E. Dana? what do the initials “H.E.” before Dana? I have a book of his “The New Testament World” very good!

26 02 2010
David May

H. E. Dana was a New Testament professor and also President at the Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Kansas, from 1939-1946. His initials stand for Harvey Eugene. For his day and age, he was a well-known and extremely competent New Testament scholar and teacher. His New Testament World is a nice introduction; I have thought about revising and updating it at some point.

26 02 2010
Timóteo Pontes

Thank you David. Grace and peace.
I have the first edition in Portuguese, 1955, that bought on e-bay. this book was distributed in Brazil by “Baptist Publishing House” (CPB). is a relic. but we have no edition of this book here in Brazil because the publisher, CPB, no longer exists. I know of other books that Dana wrote but did not have them available here in Brazil. I have studied the book that I have to imagine are gems!

you are the auditor of the books of Dana?

28 02 2010
David May

I am not surprised that Dana’s book was translated into Portuguese. Many Baptists have worked in Brazil over the years. One of my colleagues taught in a seminary in San Paulo for many years. I am not the editor of books by Dana, but I have thought about updating some of his books. His books were originally published by Central Seminary Press which is part of the Seminary where I teach. We still have the copyrights to his books so we may at some point update/revised them.

1 03 2010
Timóteo Pontes

is a pity that we have no other books of Dana here in Brazil. his way of teaching is fantastic. recently started studying at Central Baptist Theological College of Brasilia (32 years old, I’m a little old for it but it’s always time to start is not it?). I have read some great books but as meneira Dana teaches is unique.

May God bless you in this update of the books of Dana. Perhaps God would enable me and I can do the translation of some of them to the Portuguese.

grace and peace.

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