Latest Issue of Review & Expositor

24 04 2008

Yeah! The latest issue of Review & Expositor is out and on a topic of continuing importance:   “Mutual Witness:  Muslim-Christian Relations, II,” Vol. 105, No. 1 (winter 2008).  Articles include the following:

S. Mark Heim, “Christianity and Islam:  Two Kinds of Difference,” pp. 27-38

Whitney Bodman, “History, Faith and Muslim-Christian Dialoge, 2,” pp. 39-51

Amir Hussain, “A Muslim Perspective on Interfaith Dialogue with Christians,” pp. 53-66

Lance D. Laird, “Loving Our Neighbor, Honoring Muhammad,” pp. 67-83

Tayyibah Taylor, “The Contemporary Muslim American Woman,” pp. 85-91

Lanny Peters, “Sacred Hospitality:  Christian Youth on Pilgrimage in a Muslim Land,” pp. 93-113

James E. Lamkin, “Kum…Ba…Yah…ALLAH!‘”, pp. 115-123

Linda Weaver-Williams, “The Grand Story,” pp. 127-134

Karen Thomas-Smith, “Seeing Through the Eyes of our Sister, Hagar:  An Expository Sermon on Genesis 16:1-16, 21:1-21 and John 4:5-14,” pp. 135-138

This is the seccond part of a special issue by R&E related to Muslim-Christian relations.  For the first part, see Vol. 104, No. 1 (winter 2007). 





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