Latest Issue of “Review & Expositor”–Prayer

1 02 2008

The blogger Jim West, a Jonathan Swift of the blogging world, has a wonderful quote related to divorcing exegesis from theology: “One need simply think, on the one hand, of the ridiculously pointless ‘Systematic Theology’ of Paul Tillich (empty, as it is, of exegesis) and on the other the vapid and really useless examinations of the entrails of the gnat exegeses that fill the pages of the Journal of Biblical Literature (which are pointless precisely because of the fact that they don’t contribute to theological understanding) on the other.” I could not agree more. There are journals, however, which do attempt to blend together the exegetical and theological; Review & Expositor is one. In the interest of full disclosure, I am on the Board of R&E and supportive of its purpose of “. . . free and open inquiry of issues related to the Church’s mission in the contemporary world.” As a Baptist, the quotient of freedom can never be exhausted.

Here are the articles in the latest issue (Vol. 104, No. 4, Fall 2007). As is evident, the focus is on prayer.

E. Glenn Hinson, “Persistence in Prayer in Luke-Acts”

Donald Penny, “Persistence in Prayer: Luke 18:1-8”

Nancy deClasisse-Walford, “Psalm 44: O God, Why Do You Hide Your Face?”

L. Juliana M. Claassens, “Prayinig from the Depths of the Deep: Remembering the Image of God as Midwife in Psalm 71”

Steven R. Harmon, “Theology Proper and the Proper Way to Pray: An Exposition of Psalm 139”

Andrew H. Wakefield, “What Happens When We Pray?”




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